Awesome Features

Post Content, Earn Money

You can earn money from this just by posting your contents. Everytime your follwers sees, likes or comments on your content you will earn diamonds. Later you can redeem diamonds into real cash.

Create Bio-Links

All social media links at one place. You can build Bio-links almost all know social platforms and then paste link on your Bio.

Video Shoutouts

You can creat your own Bio-Video inside the app and let from fans know who you are.

Folower Counts

Your fans can see the follow counts of Twitch Facebook Gaming Instagram Twitter etc.

Twitch/Facebook Gaming Live Indicator

Your followers can see inside the app whether you are live or not on Twitch or Facebook Gaming.


This is amazing app for content creators like us. It deserves a Five Stars.

Calling all contents creators! You're going to want to pre-register for this app! Its dropping soon. And its amazing App.


This is how our app gonna look like.

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